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“In the New Zealand context,  Bayleys real estate is an amazing and sizeable untold commercial success story, up there with the Warehouse and Michael Hill, yet totally unacknowledged for this. I can only imagine this is because they’re not a public company, so the news media and therefore the public remain oblivious to their accomplishment and relevance. But I’ve had 45 years in this business across the globe and by any standard they’re right up there with the best.“   Sir Robert Jones, KPI Commercial Magazine, September 2005

Bayleys began in 1973 as a three-person real estate company founded by the late Graham and Pam Bayley and their son, and current executive chairman, John Bayley.

From those small beginnings, Bayleys has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest property services companies with a staff of over 1200 and 60 offices throughout New Zealand and in Fiji. In its last financial year, Bayleys negotiated 6,891 unconditional property transactions across all market sectors, with a total gross value in excess of NZ $6 billion.


Bayleys focused at first on commercial and industrial property. As the company has expanded nationally into every aspect of property, three generations of the family have led Bayleys large and dedicated nationwide team. John and David Bayley (above) – the company’s two principals – are proud that the family values that fuelled Bayleys’ initial success still anchor the team approach of the nationwide Bayleys network.


Mike Bayley, above, is Managing Director for Bayley Corporation Limited overseeing the operations of Bayleys Realty Group, Bayleys Property Services and Bayleys Real Estate Limited. Prior to that he was General Manager for the real estate operations of the Bayleys Group, overseeing agency and transaction business. Mike has also worked offshore managing Bayleys operations in Asia and Australia.  With 15 years in the business, his agency background has been predominately in the Commercial and Industrial sector where he has worked alongside many of Australasia’s largest corporations and private investors.

Transactions are the key to our business and Mike, together with his fellow Directors and Senior Executives, are never far from the deal action and are involved with Vendors and Purchasers on a daily basis.
It is this approach that enables us to direct clients to optimum investment opportunities and to help property owners add maximum value to their assets.

Bayleys has invested substantially in growing and supporting a national network of offices with a wide range of corporate resources. These include IT, Internet and customer database specialists, a substantial Research division, a comprehensive staff training programme run through the Bayleys Property College, New Zealand’s largest real estate marketing division, media relations specialists and top auctioneers.

One of Bayleys recognised key points of difference is outstanding marketing publications which provide vendors with cost effective and targeted promotion of their properties both nationally and internationally.
Internationally, Bayleys is a member of the Cushman & Wakefield and Christie’s Great Estates global property alliances. In addition, we have our own display office in London (with the support of Cushman & Wakefield) and undertake regular marketing trips, exhibitions and seminars in different parts of the world.

For over 30 years, John and David Bayley – driven by a determination to be the best – have applied the same set of rigorous business principles to all areas of Bayleys’ operations. Never be satisfied with where you are. Constantly search for improvements which will enable a high standard of client service to be maintained in a competitive market. Do things differently and better, so more value can be added to clients’ real estate assets. Don’t join someone else’s queue – start your own. Be a market leader – not a market follower.

We also know that having the best people is our most important point of difference. The energy, enthusiasm and skills of our people are directed towards building and maximising the value of our clients’ real estate assets.